Respectful, serious and polite!

A big work, about 5 months long. Besides having been very happy of the result of the constructions we are very grateful to him as he has always been very responsible and very cooperative when things did not follow the expected path (bad weather that delayed the work, unexpected problems with a floor). Under his determined and loyal supervision his team worked smoothly also with the many other parties that had to be involved (plumbers, plasterwork, parquet floor, architect etc...). Never a misunderstanding neither a moment of tension. We also would like to mention one of the guy that is working in his team, Martin. He has been so fantastic we were almost sad when the construction works were finished. Martin is a very quite hard worker very intelligent therefore he prevents problems (for example where or not to let a pipe go and why, what are the different possibilities to technically realise something etc) he works precisely and he sticks to what he promises.
What we find extremely valuable is also that Jacob followed his work also after it is concluded. For months after the construction he came along to check if everything was ok and we did not have any major issue. We had several experiences with different constructors in our house and we have not doubt to prefer him among any other for his seriousness and honesty.

 Vanina and Giovanni